funeral planning couple
funeral planning couple

Funeral Planning for family
Funeral Planning for family

funeral planning couple
funeral planning couple

funeral planning couple
funeral planning couple

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Funeral Plans


As with most products and services, they will rise over time due to inflation and general costs. Funerals are one such service that is always on the rise. A funeral plan is a great way to give your family and loved one's peace of mind. The main costs are covered and the headaches and stress with dealing with the funeral are taken care of. There is so much choice in the market, but making sure you have no shortfalls when the time comes is important. The funeral plan we offer will solve this problem by keeping your money safe in a trust. It is not about costs it is about affordability, making sure that both your funeral plan fits your budget and protects your family in the future. We cover the whole of the United Kingdom and parts of Europe.

Why should I get a funeral plan?

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The cost of funerals are rising year on year. In 15 years a basic funeral could cost over £9000. Lock in todays price and save your family £s. A funeral plan solves this headache



From day 1 all of your investment is placed in a trust which protects your money. The money is grown to help cover the costs. This is why many other plans fail to cover the costs when the time comes and can leave you with a shortfall & empty pockets. Not all funeral plan providers offer this so beware.

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Save your family and loved ones all the stress and emotional strain in having to deal with all the funeral arrangements and costs at a sensitive time. A comprehensive funeral plan will help relieve the stress and allow you to concentrate on other important arrangements. 

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You can stop all the arguing! By planning out everything beforehand and getting a send off the way you want it. With a funeral plan this can be done.