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About Golden Sun Funeral Plans

Golden Sun Funeral plans have partnered with Avalon Funeral plans who is one of the most trusted and well-known providers in the industry.

We wanted to team up, in our opinion the best and most comprehensive funeral plan provider in the market.

Preparing for the future is not just about planning to buy a house or retirement, it also should include our inevitable passing which most of us do not like to think about too much.

Accepting the facts is the first step towards securing our future, not just for ourselves but for our loved ones.

It is a passion of ours to help people get the right plan and make sure their peace of mind and their families are taken care of. The stress on the loved one's having to deal with the affairs after they pass with nothing in place can be an emotional burden. We always want to look after our customer's best interests and help them get the best support possible.

Our partner Avalon deals with a network of over 1800 independent funeral directors in the UK and Europe. 

The money that you invest goes into an independently managed trust which safeguards it from any external goings-on and grows it over time to cover all the expenses.


thanks to the Avalon promise, we can still cover the costs even if you pass away before you’ve finished paying for your plan. They are the only provider that works with independent Funeral Directors and offers this kind of security. 


Why Choose Avalon Funeral plans?
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  1.  Voted best funeral plan provider
  2. The most trusted funeral plan provider
  3. 25 years experience
  4. Help many customers in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus
  5. 1800 funeral directors to support you where you live
  6. All your money is held in a trust
  7. Avalon promise
  8. Transparent disbursements
  9. Open and honest
  10. Flexible plans 

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How much does a funeral cost?

On average, the cost for a burial is £4,321, whilst the average cost for a cremation is £3,250. There are many things to think about and decide when arranging a funeral. It is often a difficult time for family and friends who are dealing with loss. A funeral is also, to some people’s surprise, a lot more expensive than they thought, often costing thousands of pounds. 

Average cost of a funeral

Recent figures show that a funeral using a funeral director costs on average £3,989*.

This cost can vary quite a bit, depending on location and the funeral arrangements. For example, quotes in London can vary as much as £2,315.


Using a funeral director

A funeral director can help make it easier for you to arrange a funeral, giving you time to grieve.

But this is likely to mean a more expensive funeral.

How much is a funeral director?

The funeral director’s fees can be the most expensive part of a funeral, in many cases making up between 50-66% of the costs.

If you use a funeral director, they’ll collect, store, prepare and deliver the body to the cemetery or crematorium.

They’ll also ensure the necessary forms for cremation or burial are completed, and some will also arrange a simple ceremony as part of their fee.

They’ll also provide a coffin, hearse and usually a limousine.

But these items can quickly add up depending on what you pick.

For example, the price of a coffin can be as little as £100 to as much as £10,000.

How to find a funeral director

You shouldn’t just pick the first one you find. Call around and get at least two quotes before you choose one that’s best for you.

You should also consider using a local independent funeral director. They’re usually cheaper than a national chain

A funeral plan through us will take care of all of these challenges and the investment is less than today's average funeral costs and the director is included.