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Not all funeral plans are the same. When selecting a plan you need to make sure that the plan suits your needs for the future and your budget, so it is affordable. A comprehensive plan is a much smarter option so your family isn't left with the shortfall when the time comes. It is important to compare, but Avalon is most definitely ahead of the pack.

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The information quoted in our comparison table was sourced from competitor websites on 06/11/2019

* Eligibility terms apply for the Avalon Promise

✝ Avalon funeral plans include unlimited mileage conveyance within mainland UK and within Northern Ireland, so your body can be transported to your appointed Funeral Director.

** Included in disbursements allowance.


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What should I look for when buying a funeral plan?


If you’re shopping around for a funeral plan, it’s really important to understand exactly what’s covered in your plan.



Here are some tips for choosing a plan that’s right for you:



  • Always use a company that is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA). The FPA is there to help protect consumers’ interests and make sure funeral plan providers follow a Code of Practice.

  • Check where your money will be held. You should choose a provider that has either an independently-managed Trust or the plans are backed by a life insurance policy.

  • Read real customer reviews. Don’t just rely on what the company is telling you – compare ratings and reviews on sites like Trustpilot or Google Reviews

  • Make sure your funeral plan offers protection against inflation and that allowances for third party costs increase every year in line with the Consumer Price Index.

  • Think about how you’d like to pay. Are you looking to pay in one lump sum, or monthly instalments? Check that your chosen provider can offer flexible payment options.

  • Think about the type of funeral you want. Do you want a small, fuss-free cremation, or a traditional service and burial? Be sure to compare different plans to see which one will give you the type of funeral you want.

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